BCV brings experience, dedication, knowledge of the neighborhood, and a genuine interest in community improvement to all of our projects.

Mordechai Levin
Mordechai LevinFounder
Mordy Levin started BCV in the early 1990s. As someone with a vision for the neighborhood, he believed in Jackson Square by developing the Stop and Shop Grocery Store and Children’s Hospital Martha Eliot Health Center, along with JP Plaza where core tenants such as Bank of America and smaller-scale retail have thrived. Mordy has improved other commercial properties throughout the JP neighborhood, many of which have provided jobs and space for start-up incubators, local non-profits, small and local businesses, and larger social service non-profits such as Fenway Health (formerly Aids Action Committee) and JRI Health.
Marie Mercurio
Marie MercurioSenior Project Manager
Marie Mercurio is an Urban Planner by trade and has worked in many facets of planning. Right out of planning school, Marie went to Nome Alaska and worked as a Village Planner for 20 Eskimo villages. Most recently, she moved on from the Boston Planning Development Agency where she was a Senior Planner for 12 years. She came to BCV to apply her knowledge of community planning and loves being on “the other side of the table” learning about the development and leasing worlds. Marie likes to dream big with Mordy and wants to bring some of their great ideas to fruition for the JP community.

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